Kensington’s First Bilingual English Arabic Nursery School

Kensington English-Arabic Bilingual Nursery (KEAN) is an esteemed establishment that has created an immersive and multifaceted learning environment for young ones. It is the first Nursery School in Kensington that celebrates the alliance of English and Arabic culture.

Kitty Mason

Principal and Founder

Key Benefits Of Studying At Kean


Children gain fluency in Arabic and English with an explorative and engaging curriculum.


A happy and challenging education system where every day is a new learning experience.


Children become kind, caring and self-aware individuals under the guidance of expert teachers.


Our Curriculum

Moulding Global Citizens through a Captivating and Comprehensive Curriculum

They Will Learn

– To speak in both English & Arabic.
– To write in both English & Arabic.
– To sing and read Arabic & English songs and stories.


They Will Participate In

– Sports like tennis, football, swimming, athletics.
– Yoga and mindfulness.
– Acting, cooking, music, science and art.


They Will Be

– Confident and Respectful.
– Empathetic and Knowledgeable.
– Passionate and Competent.


Parent Testimonials

"My child’s confidence in communicating in both Arabic and English languages has greatly improved. He can now recognise a lot of vocabulary and even sing Arabic songs. He loves the school and he always looks forward to going back after the school holidays."

"My son has been attending KEAN for a few weeks now and we are very happy with his progress. He enjoys a wealth of activities and experiences at the nursery and returns home happy and stimulated. We can see evidence of progress in his skills, both English and Arabic even after just a few short weeks and look forward to seeing him advance further in the upcoming terms."

"My daughter enjoys attending this nursery very much. She has formed a special bond with her teachers and her peers! She has learnt to use both Arabic and English and has made great progress with learning the Alphabet."

Your Child’s Journey Begins Here

KEAN’s Admission Process

Step 1

Book your exclusive tour with KEAN

Step 2

Pre-qualification interview with the team

Step 3

Qualification result announced within 2 weeks